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Interview Techniques

Congratulations on getting the interview!  We at Harvey Beric are always on hand to give out advice and tips, but please find below a number of points which we are sure you will find helpful.

Tips for a successful interview

  1. Make sure you have a copy of the job description and understand the role.  It can also be helpful to highlight beforehand any particular aspects of the post which are relevant to your experience, or that you are particularly interested in.
  2. Take the job description with you to the interview, so that you can refer to it whilst talking and to remind yourself of relevant points.
  3. Write your questions down before you go and take them with you to the interview.  This will show your prospective employer that you have thought hard about what you want from the post before you get there.  It will also demonstrate organisation on your part and ensures that you don't forget any questions that are important to you.
  4. Make sure you research the company before the interview.  Most companies have a website so do access it and familiarise yourself with the company's history, its mission statement, their products/services, etc.
  5. Ensure you know where your interview is to be held, if necessary, taking a trip out there beforehand.
  6. It sounds obvious, but do make sure you are smartly presented - shoes polished, clothes pressed etc., ensuring that you don't overdo it with any perfumes or aftershaves.
  7. If you feel a little nervous about interviews, do remember that this process is very much a two-way event.  It's not just down to you to be right for the company; the company has to be right for you, so do concentrate and remember the answers that are given to any of your questions.
  8. Ensure you maintain eye contact with your interviewer and that your handshake is firm (this is something you could practice beforehand).
  9. Although tempting, don't be negative about your existing employer.  They may be the worst person you've ever worked for but telling a prospective new employer just how bad they are doesn't do your image any good.  An interview is an opportunity for you to tell the interviewer the advantages of employing you, not the disadvantages of working for your present company.
  10. If applying for a post where proficiency in the use of a certain product is required, e.g. Excel, it doesn't do any harm to take along some examples of your work if possible although we would advise that you don't present anything of a confidential nature.
  11. At the end of the interview, if you are genuinely interested in the post, don't be frightened to tell your interviewer.  You don't have to qualify this statement but it does just leave the interview on a positive note.

We do hope you find the above useful and Good Luck with your interview!